The Faculty of ICT was set up in 2007 and is responsible for the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Communications and Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, and Microelectronics.

The Faculty is committed to excellence in research and in providing higher education of quality to meet industry’s needs today and tomorrow. We value the interdisciplinary skills that our students and researchers gain during their studies, visits or collaboration as this is what is needed to achieve breakthroughs that address the needs of society at large. Problems related to assistive living, health, transport, finance, security, privacy, energy, environment, and sustainable development all need novel technological solutions. As engineers and computer scientists, we strive to build a solid foundation in fundamental science whose principles are then applied for the benefit of humanity.


Ms. Nathalie Cauchi;

Faculty of Information & Communication Technology
Level 1, Block A
Room 09
ICT Building
University of Malta
+356 2340 2530