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Runtime verification of robotic aspects of the Mars rover

The Curiosity Mars rover is one of the most complex and successfully deployed systems in planetary exploration to date, sent…

Miniature implementation of an IoT-based smart city

Ever since the ‘smart city’ concept was introduced, internet of things (IoT) has been a key pillar of the technological…

Detection of spam emails using machine learning

Spam emails are a significant threat to internet users, and it is crucial to have effective systems in place to…

Runtime verification of program side-effects in OCaml

The project aims to ensure the correctness of concurrent programs, given their complex behaviour. Despite being primarily known for its…

Web accessibility in the Maltese context

Web accessibility refers to the practice of designing and developing inclusive websites and digital content that could be accessed and…

Graph-based food recommendations

Recipe-recommendation systems play an important role in assisting users in finding food recipes that could meet their requirements. Pioneering research…

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Digital Health – Role of education

IT professionals. 20 million goals by 2030? Malta Challenges

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